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Encore Screening: André Rieu - 'Amore, My Tribute to Love'

Tickets for Encore Screening: André Rieu - 'Amore, My Tribute to Love' at Stockport Plaza

One of the most popular live acts in the world, the King of the Waltz  André  Rieu  has  announced  that  his  2018  Maastricht  concerts  will  be  screened  in  over  2000  cinemas  worldwide,  as  he  performs  his hometown shows this year with a celebration of love.
‘Amore, My Tribute to Love’, is the renowned violinists tribute to his love for music, and his love for both of his families; his wife and children, and of course for his Johann Strauss Orchestra, who he has performed with for  over  30  years.  It  follows  on  from  the  release  of  his  album  ‘Amore’ last year, which features his own versions of classic love songs, from the worlds of popular and classical music. 
For this very special concert, André will be offering a lucky winner the ultimate  musical  love  dedication;  all  cinema-goers  will  be  invited  to  dedicate one of André’s waltz’s to their loved ones. André will personally select a dedication and he will announce the winner during the concert.
The  unforgettable  concerts  that  take  place  in  André’s  hometown  of  Maastricht  in  the  Netherlands  are  a  sight  to  behold.  Set  against  the  incredible  backdrop  of  the  medieval  town  square,  fans  flock  annually from all corners of the world to watch André perform with his 60-piece Johann Strauss Orchestra,  as  well  as  sopranos,  tenors,  and  some  very  special guests. The concerts are packed full of humour, fun and emotion for all ages.
This annual celebration of music that is like no other is also experienced every  year  in  full  by  hundreds  of  thousands  of  fans  across  the  world  from the comfort of their local cinema, also treated to some very special behind the scenes extras. Good Morning Britain presenter Charlotte Hawkins hosts the presentation, interviewing fans and soaking up the joyous atmosphere that  bursts  right  through  the  cinema  screen  –  as  well  as  catching  an exclusive chat with André the moment he steps off stage!

ANDRE RIEU 2018 MAASTRICHT CONCERT: AMORE - MY TRIBUTE TO LOVE has received a U as BBFC classification.


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