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Liberation Reflection
Quartet for the End of Time

Dramatic poerms and readings about Jersey's occupation are interwoven into Massiaen;s 'Quartet for the End of Time' in Jersey's atmospheric War Tunnels.

Be transported to the dark times of World War II with an amazing musical experience. Hear Messiaen's 'Quartet for the End of Time' in a settin akin to its premiere in a prisoner of war camp.

Captured by the German army during World War II, Messiaen was held as a prisoner of war. While in transit to the prison camp, Messiaen showed fellow showed fellow musical prisoners his sketches for solo clarinet (Abyss of Birds) and Wiolin, Cello and Clarinet (interlude) which developed into the Quartet with Messiaen on piano.

The quartet was premiered in January 1941, to an audience comprising around four hundred fellow prisoners and prison guards. Messiaen later recalled, "Never was I listened to with such rapt attention and comprehension."

At the same time the Jersey War Tunnels were planned. Under the German occupiers, slave labourers were shipped to Jersey from across Europe. They removed 14,000 tons of rock to create an astounding complex of undergroud corridors.

For more information see www.liberationjersey.com

Pre-Concert Performance 4pm
There is a pre-concert performance by Jersey Academy of Music Students.

Michael Collins - Clarinet
"Lifetime Performer Award"
Royal Philharmonic Awards
Guy Johnston - Cell
"Lovely burnished and varied sound."
New York Times
Alexander Sutkovetsky - Violin
"A Star of the New Century"
The Strad
Wu - Qian - Piano
"richly coloured, majestic, a dreamy lyricism."
The Independent

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