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Double Bill: Revisiting Winifred Atwell + Gods of Apollo

Tickets for Double Bill: Revisiting Winifred Atwell + Gods of Apollo at the Royal Exchange Studio

Revisiting Winifred Atwell
Winifred Atwell, a Caribbean immigrant to Britain, became hugely successful in the 1950s with a piano style that continued music hall traditions while invigorating them with aspects of ragtime and boogie woogie. This project aims to illuminate the lost link with Atwell by re-visiting, re-imagining and engaging in a creative dialogue with her repertoire, playing style and original compositions.
Gods of Apollo
Gods of Apollo is a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. Combining a love of jazz and space exploration in one art form, this original composition combines freely improvised music and NASA audio archives creating a film score style narrative for the audience

Revisiting Winifred Atwell
Adam Fairhall piano / Johnny Hunter drums
Gods of Apollo
Rob Cope soprano saxophone / Alex Munk guitar / Elliot Galvin piano / Jon Ormston drums

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