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Tickets for Sunspots at The John Thaw Studio Theatre

Sunspots is a poetic, musical, and visual journey from the birth of the Sun, through its long and eventful life, towards its ultimate death.
Is the Sun a god, a man, a woman, or simply a giant ball of hydrogen? Why does it tell fibs about its favourite painters? Is the Sun afraid of dying? Does it get depressed? And what does it really think about us, and the solar system it is bound to care for?
Simon Barraclough (Poet in Residence at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory) is your guide on a journey that mixes fact, fiction, horror, humour and joy.
This hour-long show fuses words, film and songs that vary in style from the infectiously poppy to the broodingly intense. Simon (words, music, vocals, trumpet), Oliver Barrett (music, instruments and arrangements) and Jack Wake-Walker (film) have created an exciting and moving experience that reinvigorates and reimagines our neighbourhood star.

“Simon Barraclough illuminates solar science with a poet’s gaze.
Sunspots is a love letter from the third planet to its parent star.”
Marek Kukula Public Astronomer, Royal Observatory Greenwich

Contains flashing images which may be harmful to viewers with photosensitive epilepsy.

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